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CM 690 Clarkseth Modding

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Clarkseth    0

Hi everyone, I just bought this beautiful house, truly aesthetically ugly, but with great potential.

I began to sketch some of which did not have scans, and I started first of all a window. We illustrate all my work (not yet finished)

I bought a Cooler Master 690, I hoped to be able to pump heaters etc enter inside, but I discovered that it is impossible when you have a MB (Motherboard) great (for the inclusion of a beautiful doublefan radiator) and especially when you have 3 HD (Hard Disk) is impossible to place a pump such as Swiftech where they are prepared.

I threw in June 'some ideas and I immediately put to work.

The first thing to do was window, perhaps on the style of the windows available in the shop of the Dutch master cooler, but deprive the fan higher (in my opinion the only not to touch) so I reversed and I have sacrificed the fan to lower the window .

Armed with drill-Tunnel and then a great deal of work with files:

•Step 1:

Cutting through a drill hole and continuing with the cut with a tunnel:


and you cut the piece:


•Step 2:

Filings to clear the inaccuracies (made with a large kit of lime and with the teams to do it as the most 'precise was possible):


•Step 3:

Creation of the forum for fan by 120mm and drilling of plexiglass (30x30x3) using a drill column:


•Step 4:

Problem, if I want to put a 120mm fan from the edge urterebbe with plexiglass so we must shape the joint-measure (using files):


•Step 5:

I bought chrome letters in a shop for tuning the car and I decided to apply to the case:


The thing I am still not convinced, I found a great tuning shop for cars and I bought the small chrome flame for not doing anything too glaring and I applied to the case:


As you can see from the picture I did not limited to apply the flame, I also bought the spiral "Chrome". I membrane coated black and then I discovered all the wires, and then I applied to the spiral chrome all cables clearly visible obtaining the effect that you can see in photos.

For those who notice something strange in the fan side, this is a Thermaltake Cyclo 12cm Logo Fan A2460 runs shows that while temperature and number of laps fan.

At the same tuning shop for cars I bought a button of the D-Top Gear-style gun that will come into operation as soon will I receive my laser red LEDs. The button will turn on and off.

Last purchase fact, wasting ram for the thermaltake led by (of course not the less crucial Ballistix but ...) are not wrong to see (photo):


I arrived a few comonents:


And now here I am at work pluggure two lasers in series, and then put up the switch:

Problem 1 ... one of the laser must be more 'so long ... we move immediately to the wire unsolder previous ... and insert the new one:


then make an adapter that also gives current at the 'interrupt ... and then get this:




This is frontal photo:


Don't watch Cpu

This is Retro photo:


and...for use my water component i want to use this waterstation created by Clarkseth:


Watch the video:

:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:

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Clarkseth    0

Hello to all, after the change of Chassis Cooler Master CM 690 hours we spend to correct the problem, how can cool a liquid?

Well you can not, we must buy a waterstation if you want to mount a serious liquid cooling, without incasinare the case (especially my own that is already caos)

The plant has fluid in question is:

* CPU waterblock: Ybris ® A.C.S. BLACK PEARL Black Gold Bracket

* VGA waterblock: Lunas

* Radiators: Radiator Aircube X2 120

* Radiator Aircube X2 240

* Pump Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump

Photos of all:


To build waterstation Avro 'need the following sheets of plexiglass (measures in millimeters).

* "4" windows 500x240x5 (lxhxs)

* "2" windows 230x240x5 (lxhxs)

While strengthening the structure, it will take some aluminum profiles to L and L in a round-faced (I bought them I gray and then I painted in black only because 'I have not found them already elettroplaccati blacks, but for those who want, OBI sells them already elettroplaccati blacks)

But preparing the draft, I used Google SketchUp, that's what it came out:


And here's ventilation:


Here is a photo of the first materials:


 Step 1: 

Tracking holes to be done on plexiglass and all the other special features, according to the project.


At work here is finished all the sheets drawn:


 Step 2: 

Now cut the aluminum profiles tailored to the slabs of plexiglass:


For precision work, I used a tunnel.


(sorry picture background)

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Clarkseth    0

Step 3:

I equipped seghetto and a wooden table where I serrate to 45 ° to have the basis for the cut (very rudimentary) as a tavolinetto for cuts from 45th I was missing.


and I started to cut the aluminum profiles to 45th this is the result of an over:


Now cut all the tips of the profiles to match them one by one so that the whole structure is a recessed without smudges and imperfections:


After all this' need to prepare the holes in order to set the structure of aluminum with plexiglass windows, I then armed with a drill column:


and I started drilling:


And now we need to make holes in the plexiglass at the profiles.

Step 4:

Insert screws and construction of the facility:


A finite structure that's what it came out:


Now there was to do the cover using the aluminum L-round, always forandolo at the plexiglass that's what it came out:


Using advanced two profiles and 'improved structure to fit:





Step 5:

Cutting the plexiglass table using a wooden platform with a hole in the center, and under a fermatrapano. Just apply a hole in the center of the circle drawn on the plexiglass, then a raggio.A on this point is a hole distance from the center of the tablet according to the radius chosen on the plexiglass, it supports the plexiglass, is a screw threads on the center hole , And then match the cutter included in the drill with the radius chosen for the forum, you turn the drill and begins to cut the circle (as picture):




and so it continues:


Having made a hole to insert a switch on the front style top gun (bought in a shop for tuning the car) which will serve for the ignition of internal lights of houses here if the whole structure:


and now we move on to puncture the cover that allow the hot air escape:


E 'was used the gap window Cooler Master CM 690 (very useful) ways to make holes:


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Clarkseth    0

 Step 6: 

Cut the front, to allow the insertion of the regulator fans (I will be able to tailor to fit well):


A finished job looks like:


I entered the still behind in Plexiglas to prevent out (but the cut was done so well that when you shoot threads inside):


 Step 7: 

Svasatura holes in the structure of aluminum (so that the heads of the screws M3x10 head svasata, disappear:


 Step 8: 

Passage of primer on all pieces of aluminum. After 12 hours I began painting using a shiny black, here's a photo of the painted:


A finished here if the waterstation:


Now I am awaiting only the fans, LEDs and laser grids to mount everything.

The food problem will solve everything but creating a "shoe" of Molex which will be fed directly it from the PC, I have also already prepared:


I have only pluggure Molex different now, although I'm still thinking about how pluggurli without any voltage drops:


For now I have arrived at this point, will publish 'updates in the coming days.

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Clarkseth    0

Here I am with another couple of changes, I have still more to do ... and others made that I can not show yet because ... 'are all connected but the last components are finally coming!

Here are the latest changes in my CM 690:

Replacing the LED BLU ultra power:

The blue LED power on, ultra, I do not know you, but I gave much discomfort, I illuminated the whole room so I opted for a replacement:


I applied a yellow that is even more 'beautiful to see.

Door optical drives hidden:

I applied the velcro on the door and bundled meshx:



and the final result is:


Just apply a little pressure on the bottom to open the reader.

Subsequently, with regard to the cap higher, I decided to cut strips of plastic dust, and I added a rheobus:



Seghetti for good ... and pave:


Here I am at work for the drilling of the panel (because states' tab silicon rheobus must stand on buttons):


photos of the front complete:


There are other changes under way, one of which includes an electronic silicon that is found in America ... and I'm desperately looking for even here in Italy, otherwise I will go myself to create the circuit but will Vabe ...

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XenoMorpH    2

I liek the drivebay solution!!. I was thinking about a way I could get the front mesh attached to my DVD players too, and looking at the solution you created it sure is simple.

How did u do that? (and hopw does the button work).

As for the fancontroller....I created that mod too 2 weeks ago :)

BTW, did you check if your top cover fits back on with the molex plugged in? Mine sure did't fit so I had to cut a hole.

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