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CM690 Top-cover Fancontrol

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XenoMorpH    2

Cuz of lack of front bays I decided to mod my top-cover and insert a custom fancontroller.

I bought this controller and stripped it completely:


Took off the top-cover and cut out the plastic with a dremel:


The top and center:


Both sides cut out and inserted the controller backplate to c if it fits:


And now the holes, how R we goingto do that....:thinking::

Taped the old front to the case (first determained the position)Cuz it has the correct distances of the holes.


After measuring the hole size to drill the holes

Here we go...8 holes...4 fancontrol and 4 led holes:



I thought I was ready, but then the top couldn't close cuz of the plug at the back of the controller. So I had to cut a hole where the plug has to go through:




Protected the components for pieces of metal....


When the hole was done, I put everything together. Same way as I stripped the controller, but then the other way around wit hthe top-cover instead of the old controller front.

At the end it looks like this:




And guesse's working very well 8)

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aSASa    0

Wow that looks great! Nice job!

COPYRIGHT THE DESIGN, sell it to CM, and then make some $$$ every time they sell the modded 690 ;)

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OpethiaN    0

excellent stuff man quite professional way of doing this

just add chrome rings on the edges ... will perectly match the theme!!!

n do think about this suggestion as this guy is saying :) make it ur own!!

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