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Cosmos 1000 and components not that cool

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DrikN    0

As with any High end system the fans that come with the case my not provide enough air flow to decrease your GPU temps.

you may want to consider adding or replacing the stock fans that came with the case with Faster air flow fans.

but note with higher air flow fans Noise is increased. i am looking to purchase the cosmos 1000 vary soon. so i do not know the potential Noise increase that adding higher air flow fans will produce in the case. form reviews that i have read on the case it is extremely quiet. this i like. now you could add in a Fan monitoring device like the ones found on to automatically increase fan speed or decrease when you don't have a load. or manually do it. but i on some of the reviews Ive read they have recommended using higher end fans to in crease air flow. Another recommendation would be to Water cooling on your processor. this would also take more heat out of the case ( if you were to use an external pump and radiator). i only suggest this because of the tubing ports located on the back of the case. I personalty am very excited to get this case. i may even look in to getting the black version since i have a black theme to my Desk and my equipment.

in any case a good rule of thumb is to remove to export as much heat as you can out side of the case to decrease temps in side of it. if you looking in to probably doing some extreme modding you may want to consider looking in to water cooling your Video cards as well if there is a 3rd party water cooling mod for them. but just as a note removing any heat sync from the video card my void warranty's with them. and you don't want to daisy chain the tubing form the processor to the cards, as the heat with just bleed form one device to another causing an increase in heat. but rather split the Cold water coming in to the case in to 3 tubes going to the processor and one to each video card then merge the returning tubes to the outgoing hot water. another thing in water cooling is making sure you have good seals on all the tubes and use a non conductive liquid in case there is a tube rupture or a tube becomes dislodged. water cooling isn't a bad thing but can be hazardous if you move your case around a lot (aka LAN party's).

I Hope this is helpful .

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