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Noise Levels: Cosmos S vs Cosmos vs Stacker 830 Evo

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RaptorFury    0

I havnt heard much bout the cosmos S :( . it looks good and has a few good ideas that were absent on the original cosmos but thats all . if i was in the market for another case it wouldnt be a cosmos S . it be another Cosmos ( I just love mine to death ...... simple rule here , you can look at it , you can drool over it . If you touch it , i will break you in so many different pieces that an ant can tote your carcass away ..........

I recomend the cosmos 1000 - 1010 and even the S to anyone . theres plenty of room in all of them ( inside ) . my personal preference is the 1000 - 1010 out of the three ( being the 1010 and 1000 are identical anyways ) the original fans that are in the cosmos are to low rpms and too low cfm's to make any difference . my best suggestion is this . buy 5 120's at least 1200 rpm fan's ( be bout 50 cfm and not 11 cfm with the stock fans ) and these are very quiet . or 3 120's 1200 rpms and a couple of 140 mm fans ( the top on the 1000 , 1010 can handle 140's ) replace all the fans and place 1 120 on the drive bay vent ( you will have to remove the vga ducting on the 1000 , 1010 )

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