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coolermaster Cavalier T04 and Freezer 64pro cooler.

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bigmike20vt    0


i have a HTPC and am using the desktop cavalier case, however i am planning on putting my old gaming rig internals in there.

however my only worry is, i had to remove the cowel which funnels air from the top of the case onto the heatsink on my current rig, and the heatsink in it is a LOT smaller than the heatsink and fan in my gaming pc.

the freezer64 pro is 127mm high

the freezer 64 is 120 mm high

does anyone know if the arctic cooler freezer 64 PRO will fit into this case? i really hope so as its a beaut of a silent fan, if not maybe the pro then?.

many thanks


ahh pants.....

i just thought...

i dont think coolermaster T02 case has the extra 4 pin power plug to use with newer motherboards, such as my asus nforce4 mobo.

as its a non standard psu i cant upgrade the psu either.

will the board work without the extra power plugged in or am i stuffed?

if so thats anotther load of expense.

my coolermaster case was bloody expensive as well :(

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bigmike20vt    0


thanks for your mail, thats great, shame about the cooler, i guess i will just have to buy the coolermaster littleun :)

i dont have to worry just yet anyway as will take a while to get psu sorted i guess



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