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Aquagate Max details

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Maxession    1

The products page now lists the Aquagate Max, the new and improved version of the original Aquagate.



Looking so good, it makes me tend to go for Water Cooling!

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Tellus82    0

This got my attention, i would really like to buy one along with two waterblocks for 8800GT (G92), it would match my Cosmos 1000 perfect :D

The only snag is that i can't find it anywhere, it's the same with the waterblocks for G92 cards. There nowhere to be found...

Does anyone know where i might find these products in europe? Preferably with shipping to sweden...

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mrtcohens    0

Will this thing work with the CM Stacker 830? When you go to the product details page on the left under recommended products it shows other cases except for the 830s.

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Chaitanya    0

Heres the un opned box of aquagate max


the box from front:


Side view of box nicely informaing about product inside



The tube included is almost 3m with the manual oher documents inc. have warranty info and step wise explanation of installation procedure.


The resvoir + pump unit :



back side of


The raditor module with fans (12 cm) have 4pin pwm connector


Radiator is of good quality(heat dissipitaiton area)


the cpu block


the entire pacakage together


the opened box, entire unit has good quality padding so system does not get damaged during shipping.


Overall it is typical cm product with good quality and finish(aesthetically).

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