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Overclocking my AMD 64 3500+ Venice Core

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While I wait for the release of Intel's new 45nm Q9450 I've been trying to overlock my 3500+ as much as possible.

Here's what I have everything at right now. Idling at 37 and 44 at load.



Memory - Corsair 2x512MB XMS XPERT PC3200


What is a safe voltage to go to for my CPU and how much further do you think I could get with my CPU?

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You should be able to get it further, here a few tips:

- Reduce the HT speed (put MP on 4)

- Put your memory latency a bit higher ( 3-4-4-8 ) and at least on 200

here's my OC of the CPU;

Memory is Corsair Twinx PC4000, so I could go 1-1 with CPU.

You should adapt your MP for the ram.

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