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RS-A00-ESBA compatibility issues with older motherboards?

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Lalaman    0

hi the could anyone confirm with me of such a similar situation.

I'm curently a retailer and sold one PSU unit of RS-A00-ESBA M1000 Modular to a customer, he seems to have the famous cold boot issue.

Correspondence from customer

I have trouble booting up the pc with it - each time press the power button my hdd chasis light will blink steadily - i found out that only by holding the power button for few seconds, then quickly press it again will boot up the pc. With my Silverstone 650w no such problem.


his pc configuration is opteron 170/ dfi nf4 sli-dr expert/ 2x1gb gskill ddr/ 400gb + 250gb + 36gb+36gb raid/ 8800gtx2 sli/ dvdrw/ auzen x-fi prelude

after today upgrading to a new motherboard + cpu

Correspondence from customer:

I have some good news - the cold boot problem seems solved after i put in my new striker extreme mobo - just installed it last night so i reckon it could just be some incompatibility prob with the older dfi board.

so i as a retailer would like to confirm if older motherboards could cause the cold boot problems for the RS-A00-ESBA M1000 Modular PSU, so that i would be able to troubleshoot future customers in the event of a same incident. or is there any other explanation to the above problems.

Thank you very much.

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knud    129

I'm checking with my colleague's. Please allow me a couple of days to get a good answer. :)

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