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Questions on Cosmos & system

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mblough    0

I have a couple of questions and I hope maybe some of y'all can help me out. First I'm building a new system after being away from computers for a while. Here is what I am looking at for parts:

Coolermaster Cosmos Case

850w Thermaltake powersupply

Athlon x2 6400

Vigor Monsoon II

Asus m2n-32-sli mobo

2x1gb corsair value ram

dual 8800gt sli 512mb vid cards (evga)

800gb (2x400) hdd raid 0

2 x lite-on LH-20a1h dvd drives (black)

x-fi xtremegamer soundcard

vista 32

I was wondering is anyone had any thoughts on what I got. I am on a so so budget with plans to add in later hense the cheaper ram. In the future I would like to add in some raptors in raid. Question one would it be since I plan to add in a raptor raid array for gaming should I skip the 2 x 400gb's now and go with a single raptor and add the array later or would the slower current choice be that ok. would there be that much difference in a 2x7200 array vs a single raptor. Like I said I'm on a semi budget and want to 'add to' later not 'take out and upgrade'.

Second is questions on the cosmos itself. Its a beautiful case but like anything else looks like its asking for more. I plan to upgrade the fans of course. Decor wise I was thinking of polishing or maybe chroming the handles and giving the main case some paint. Are the handles aluminum (or a simuliar metal that can be polished), or is it some off type that I would need to maybe send for plating? If anyone knows. I was also thinking swapping out the top vent cover for some modders mesh or something along the same lines. Paint color I dont know yet, maybe like a bright light blue or almost neon blue. I think that would look cool with some bling polished handles & blue case.

I actually drew up an extreme WC model too. Think the same colors (blue/silver) and imagine a clear side window with external cylindrical resviors running up and down along the outside with green water & UV lighting inside it and a blue interior lighting/green water. Unfortunately for my line of work lets just say I spend more time in places sunnier, sandier, hotter, and more dangerous than I do at home so WC isnt practical for my wife to deal with in the event something happens.

Anyways if anyone has any suggestions for my system choices or possible themes by all means drop me reply.

Thanks all,


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RaptorFury    0

i would lose the psu , for hdds i would ask a very simple question is 400 gig main really needed ? if it was me i go 2 x 120 raid 0 and a 400 gig back up the raptors are fast and all but not worth the money . for cooling i am still partial to the geminiII for air . lose 1 dvd drive ( not really needed because on the fly burning is nearly impossible to do anymore . and still have to use your hdd as a medium to burn a back up movie . and good memory isnt that much a set of ocz reapers 2gigs dual channle mem runs 100 bones in the us

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EsaT    0

Q6600 would be much better CPU.

(why on earth spend much extra for two graphic cards and then skimp on CPU?)

Also peltier coolers aren't sensible because they cause need to remove more heat than CPU itself produces. (that model produces up to 60W of additional heat)

Actually striping doesn't help so much in games. When games load stuff it's seems to be more I/O limited so as long as there isn't need for swapping because of lack of memory higher sequential transfer rate of striping can't show its speed.

RAID 0 halves reliability so it's not good for important data.

Also what HD model you were thinking? There's performance differences between HDs of same line and while for example Seagates have high STR their real world performance is lowish because of lousy pre-read algorithms.

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