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Cosmos 1000 + Gemini II= To much heat

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hafiez    0

this is the URL where they talk about the Cooler. but they talk about it since last year which is before the cooler launch.

hope u dun mind read it. 23pages. :)

p/s: mod, if this action is wrong, please remove my post. thanks. just want to share some information. sometimes i also redirect them to this forum to share some information.. :wink:

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Demona    0

Hello I have reversed the dissipator of the grafic card.

From this:


to this:


The temperature now with the case close and the top fans set to extraction.

The temperature is 30° cpu and 40° Motherboard.

I think that this is the best solution possible.. now I am just missing a good program to test my Gpu temperature... can you please suggest me one? for my ATI radeon 2900XT

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