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Coolermaster Mystique 633

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daan    0

I own a mystique 632 black with window kit, people usually react with a

hmm impressive

and then a pause, silence, wide open mouth on their face, and a smile on mine :D

I love its aesthetics and consider it a well balanced product. I specially like it because it is entirely made from aluminium, which is best material to build a fresh pc case (only advantage for secc is less noise at same thickness in thinnest sizes, all other considerations are advantages for aluminium over secc). And also because of the combination of orange for front, led illuminated acrylic with the black aluminium body.

Next iteration for this model is 632s which changes aluminium for secc in the whole case except for the front doors, and orange for blue in door illuminated acrylic.

I find no reason except costs involved, to make these changes but they also moves mystique line from superb, to average one. Any case manufacturer can build a case like that (but not originally design it), and cooler master is not an average manufacturer.

So i want to offer some constructive criticism in the form of some suggestions for the next iteration.

1. Aluminium in the whole design, keep secc for budget cases, keep away mystique line from this category. A superb design like this doesnt deserves this treat.

2. Interchangeable Acrilyc front logos offered in several colors as an accesory. Mystique line shows a long vertical piece of colored acrylic in the front door. Make it easy to unplug up and down leds and change screws for some kind of clips to change colored acrylic, et voila you have a new look. Offer a pack sold separatelly of at least 4 of this plastic logos in different colors, or several packs, id suggest a gamut like

ultra violet

matrix green

karr yellow

orange (the one already used is perfect combined with black)

hal9000 red

minority report blue

Dont consider those labels as a proposal for a commercial name, i mean i obvioulsy dont expect you to sell matrix green acrylic just to pay royalties, it is incoherent for me. I only want you to get an idea of the power of an specific color combination of light and a modern aluminium body. More colors to choose for bodies would also be desireable although too demanding in terms of production, anyway i would suggest black, chrome and white. I would forget silver, this color in pc cases is the new beige, in terms of attractiveness offering aluminium in its natural color is maybe cheaper but also looks cheap, and you are not making cases for people who buy preassembled computers, you sell premium cases for enthusiasts no matter if their computers worth 700 euros or 6000 euros, they want their computers to look like if they paid more for them than they in fact did.

3. Do not commercialize two versions of each color, black and silver, with and without window, just offer the one without window kit and sell the window kit apart. I prefer always to get window but shops tend to select the one without the window and models with window are very hard to find. I know you offer some panels for certain models like 632s but availability is also very poor which leads me to my 4th suggestion.

4. Either build a shop inside the global web to ensure availability of all accesories and add ons (preferably) or choose an online etailer on each continent to carry all of them. Either way you wont be competing with your distributors which should be selling cases not accesories that most retailers try to keep away from to keep their catalogs clear of hard to sell, tiny things that will suppose a loss for them if they dont run out of stock before you discontinue case model they pertain to.

I hope you find those suggestions interesting, specially 1 and 2, to keep Mystique line growing in quality and aesthetics.

Greetings from Spain.

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