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Ravynmagi    0

I decided to go on ahead and paint the inside piece of my Cosmos RC-1000.


I installed a Swiftech MCR-320 to the top of the case after cutting open the top to fit it. Then with the 6 fans pushing and pulling air through the radiator and out the top, I wasn't sure if those few vents in the plastic roof was enough, so I cut open a new hole and covered it in black mesh.


This top is a temporary solution. This is literally just screen door mesh from Home Depot and some black electrical tape. :)

This is what I plan to modify and put on top. I'll need to trim the edges on one end to fit the tapered shape of the hole. ... g30c95s519

And the inside.


Wish I could make the tubing coming off of the graphics card look better without those huge loops. Unfortunately I can only install the barbs on the bottom side.

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Ravynmagi    0

Yes, 6 Yate Loon D12SL-12 fans on the radiator (push/pull). And the two Antec Spot Cool fans inside the case.

I decided to move the reservoir over to the other side of the case just now. Helps lessen some of the bending and loops a bit. :)



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