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Extreme Power 550w Noise

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tkl.hui    0

Hey there all,

I current own a Extreme Power 550w psu. When I'm running full load, there seems to be some wierd noise as if the fan is hitting the fan grill or something. Heres my current specs.

amd be-2350

ocz pc2-6400 platinum 2gb

asus m2n-e

radeon x1950pro

150 gb hd


Cooler Master extreme power 550w

thanks in advance for advice/help.

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vidra    0

I have the exact same PSU and I was constantly experiencing jet-takeoff noise (OK, I know I'm exaggerating but you could hear it clearly 2 rooms away). Today I finally had enough and I decided to take it apart.

To my surprise, the PSU contains a standard 120mm fan which runs at high RPM, which is the source of the near-intolerable noise. I decided to take the chance and replace it with a Cooler Master 120mm silent fan and it worked like a charm.

My only worry is that the new fan won't cool enough and that the PSU will start overheating. To test if everything was going fine I ran Hellgate London for an hour (I have an OCed C2D and a X1950pro) to maximise power consumption and the air that was coming out of the PSU was barely lukewarm and the PSU was only slightly above room temp to the touch.

I only hope it will stay that way as this seems a cheap and permanent solution (it voids the warranty, though).

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