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[b]Give you vote - Cooler Master CSX Art-Edition[/b]

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Coolone    1

Just have seen this site with the nice Cooler Master CSX Art-Edition. ... 9df4bdc952

No dud about this the cases are very beautiful!

But 999€ is at lot of money for a case what do you think?

Maybe one of you has such a nice case?

Witch one do you like best? (Please give them from 1 to 5 points, where 1 is the one you like best)

1. Case (BLUE):


Cooler Master Stacker CX-830BLFM-01 - Blue Flame Special Edition ... 9df4bdc952

2. Case (RED):


Cooler Master Stacker CX-830RFM-01 - Red Flame Special Edition ... 9df4bdc952

3. Case (WARFARE):


Cooler Master Stacker CX-830WRFR-01-GP Warfare - Special Edition ... 9df4bdc952

4. Case (DIAMOND):


Cooler Master Stacker CX-830DMSK-01 - Diamond Plate Special Ed. ... 9df4bdc952

5. Case (SPARTAN):


Cooler Master Stacker CX-830SPTN-01-GP Spartan - Special Edition ... 9df4bdc952

Voting - Please give you’re voting also!

1. Case (BLUE): 1 – I like best

2. Case (RED): 4

3. Case (WARFARE): 5

4. Case (DIAMOND): 2 – I like next best

5. Case (SPARTAN): 3

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Maxession    1

1. Case (BLUE): 1

2. Case (RED): 2

3. Case (WARFARE): 4

4. Case (DIAMOND): 3

5. Case (SPARTAN): 5

2 and 3 were a difficult choice, they're just so different in style :|

4 and 5 I don't like at all... :?

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Fireheart    0

I have seen the CSX art before and, while I admire the skill of the artists, I would not pay extra for this 'feature'.

I'm more of a form and function fan.

Be Well!


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