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Real Pwr PRO 750 Buzzing Sound

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Just bought the Real Power PRO 750 and I can hear a buzzing sound from the Power Supply. Not super loud but I can hear it when the cover is off the case. Is this normal for these PSUs? I expected to only hear the fan. Will take it back to Compusa if this is beleived to be a problem, just a pain to remove and replace.

My PC Specs

AMD 6000 w/Stock Cooler


EVGA 8800 GTS 320 Standard Clock

3 Gig Ram

2 HDDs


2 92 mm Fans


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Maxession    1

I once had it at a LAN party and going back home it was gone again.

I think it was because all the PC's in the room were overloading the powerbox.

Maybe the powersocket is on its limits of giving power, or it got something to do with the fuses...?

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