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Wavemaster Audio Problem

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So I contacted my motherboard manufacturer MSI and I got a quick and short email response.

"It seems that the case connectors are not matching the pin out for the front audio connectors and the usb ports do see if can contact the case manufacturer and verify the case connectors also there is no way to get the front and rear audio to work can only use one or the other"

So there might be a problem with my case. I've tried to contact tech support for days but haven't had any luck.

I will search around some more and will call customer service on monday. (i'm hoping it's not as bad as tech support).

Once I get a response from them I'll post here and hopefully, maybe it will solve some of these problems for us.

AJ - i answered your email and yet to hear anything in return from you. I hope we solved your problem. Please let me know thanks

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