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z(+)diac    0

I was curious if it's possible, and if anyone has managed to mod the top port (usb drives/audio jackets/etc.) of the Cosmos S case to the standard Cosmos case?

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Guest TheTrooper76   
Guest TheTrooper76

Well... Cosmos is great case but I must agree cable management is terrible :(

But nothing is impossible, all You need is Dremel , sleeved cables, a lot of time and patience xD

Here is my almost finished rig:

I have done this :bounce: I closed side panel. But it was hard very hard :blackeye:

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tcool93    0
I've had a really good read through this topic, and i can't see anyone reporting the same problem as me, so here goes.

I have 4 hard drives installed in this sort of configuration ( x represents a dirve and | is blank )

x | x

x | x

Now, the problem I have is that the whole case seems to be vibrating to the sound of the hard drives, and I get this really annoying pulsating noise. I've cut it down a bit by using foam padding on either side of the drive in the holders against the aluminium brackets, but I really don't think the case should be vibrating like this.

If anyone could help me figure out what is causing this I would be most grateful, thanks.

I had the same problem and found that the tray on top of the case was acting like a resonating board and made it worst, so I took some bubble wrap and taped it underneath the tray so that it contacted the metal underneath to insulate it. Thats just temporary until i get some sound deadening material, like dynamat.

I also just put in a different cooler for my video card and when I put it all together the sound magically disappeared. Hope that helps somewhat.

Hello to all ... i'm new on this forum...

i bought my cosmos 2 days ago and i have same problem, i removed tray from top of my case and i still can hear some vibrating sounds, it's really annoying sound, i turned off all fans in case and sound is still here so i concluded that it's coming from HDD's

I have same HDD setup ( x represents a dirve and | is blank )

x | x

x | x

i bought this case because i tought that i'll have silent case and this vibrations are killing me :x:x:x is there any help

I have owned this case for 2 years now I think. But its nice to see I'm not the only one who has experienced this. This case is the most annoying for noise that I have ever owned. My previous cases weren't even noise reducing cases, but were much quieter than this case is.

But like the comments here, my Cosmos 1000 also makes annoying vibrations and humming noises. The top plastic tray definitely does rattle and make noises, removing it helps, but I need to find another fix for that. There is still a deep humming type noise that fades in and out that drives me crazy. I have yet to figure out where its coming from in the case. The front drive grills also like to rattle at times. I wish I had never bought it.

I'm thinking about turning the top exhaust fans into intake fans due to the fact that fans aren't designed to hang upside down, horizontally. Each fan I have installed up there has started making noises, unless I push in on the fan blade to temporarily quiet it down.

EDIT: I may have posted this in the wrong thread, I have the Cosmos 1000 case.

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spiderhole    0

Hi all,

I'm looking to improve the cooling performance of my Cosmos 1000 case without getting involved in any heavy modding.

System specs

Asus p6T Deluxe V2

Intel i7 920 at stock speed

Gigabyte GTX 460

Antec Truepower New 650

2x WD caviar black hdd

What I'm considering are the following steps...

-Overall cable mangement, no-brainer there.

-Possibly swap out the bottom intake CM 120 S12 (1200rpm, 44cfm) fan with a slightly stronger one.

- Add a 2nd fan bracket above the hdd bay with another 120mm

-remove unused hdd trays, which will leave 4 of them empty.

Any additional advice for how to keep more cool air moving through this puppy is appreciated. I'd like to avoid permanently removing the door panel or any modding that requires drilling or cutting, etc.



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