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Cosmos Suggestions

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Starboykb    0

kinda agree with ur idea.


i can see there is grill under the HDD compartment.. maybe some mod will able to place at least 80mm fan under the HDD compartment..

I dont think 80mm is enough to cool off six HDD, it should require 120mm at least. However, i still dont understand how is the air flow works on the current design as it quite focus on blowing the mainboard and the cpu instead of the HDD

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Saki    0

Maybe my English isn't clear, sorry.

Grill under HDD rails is too small to use fan. Need to make it bigger.

I think dimension of PC case already down in the CM company.

My last version to use additional fan I think easier to make and easy to install or change additional fan. In that way can be more space for fan, and can use nice fan grill.

I showed my suggestions, and I don’t know which changes Cooler Master will make. But I hope CM will make perfect PC case.

Two, isn't the combination of two dissimilar metals and electricity dangerous... ??

It is not dangerous. No electricity on two metals without electrolyte.

Every material has good and bad properties. Usually this is a question of money and taste. :)

I dont think 80mm is enough to cool off six HDD, it should require 120mm at least.

80mm fan’s airflow can be enough for 6 HDD, but better use here a 120mm fan for dimensions of HDD racks and the noise. I prefer to use 120mm fans on PC cases.

I know to make decisions for CM is very hard, but I hope they make feedback about it.

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LuckyNV    0

Awesome, been waiting for official specs to be listed :D

can't wait for this case to be available

edit -

also thumbs up to the new website

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Snazz    0

I agree with all the suggestions.

c) Two fans on the top aren't close enough together to attach a 2x120mm radiator for water-cooling.

That way can be easy use radiator between top fan and PC case.

I think they're apart so you can install 2 140mm fans.

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craigpeters    0

Nice case, truly huge, lots of things I like including the nearly silent fans/virtually silent operation, and well designed air flow, etc, but some things to be aware of:

1) Screws easily get lost in the bottom where there's no way to get them out. The get trapped between 2 metal sheets at the bottom of the case where the air inlet is.

2) Related, getting the screws in and out of the 3.5" bay to mount a floppy or whatever is way too hard. I don't think you need to replace them, just use the fast mount button like other drives, and leave them out, but still it bothers me the screws are trapped in the fast mount button plastic area or in between the metal plates surounding the internal drive cage.

3) The thumb screws holding expansion cards are under a lip that holds the side plate, and aren't very convenient to access. Very easy to get the screws going in sideways since you can't easily get to them straight-on.

4) You better have long power supply lines to get from the PS at the bottom back to e.g. CD drive at the top front. The ones that came with my Corsair HX PS worked, but just barely. Second, smaller MB PS connection was real tight -- I had to run the wire under the MB in a direct a path as possible from the PS to the connector on the to/far side of the MB to get it connected.

5) Theres no documentation explaining how to install the little dust catcher that fits behind the graphics card air duct. Still not sure if I installed it correctly or up-side-down.

Just my opinion...


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I'd like to see separate cooling chambers that have removable doors to access different sections... CPU, GPU, PSU. Much like the Antec P180 case, but when you removed the side panel you could also remove the appropiate side door for each section.

A back plane for the HDDs would be swell.

I'd also like to see the Cosmos in all black.

In fact, a hybrid-clone of the HP Blackbird 002 case would be great, though the "foot" isn't required (I like the Cosmo's "handles" better) nor is the slot loading drive bays either.

I do love the tool-less design for the optical drives. Love the HDD config, but don't really get the cooling thing for the HDDs.

Also, I really like the idea of the coverable I/O port up top. Maybe perhaps make the case a tad bit wider to allow better cable management behind the mobo. (I don't have a Cosmos, waiting for a Blackbird clone, which is why I'm making these suggestions.)

But, if I at least see the covered I/O port, and seperate heat "chambers" like the P180/Blackbird, then I'll buy a Cosmos. While a backplane is awesome, it's not required as long as cable management is workable.

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