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Razor88    0

Dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I would seriously consider putting a better instruction manual on the Hyper 212 evo. It was a struggle for a first time builder (me) and the fact that there are Youtube videos on the installation tells me that I am not the only one.

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knud    129

A case with built in DAC. Nuff said. 

What quality the DAC should be? A 5$ or a 500$? There are soo many DAC's available it would be very difficult to choose one.

Plus people who want a DAC will most likely choose one by them self.

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Outside_box    0

Maybe create fans which are thinner.  To minimize clearance dilemmas both air & H2O cooling systems.

Clearer installation instructions??  Otherwise...Keep up the good work.  :rolleyes:

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I'd like to see a desktop style case that's kind of side by side.  Maybe a mATX thats 12" deep, 20" wide, 8-9" tall.  Make it strong enough to put a monitor on top.  Maybe feet that are 1-1.5" tall to allow air to be pulled in from the bottom and can hide wired keyboard and mouse cables.  I've often thought I'd mock one up out of thin plywood just to see if I could make it work, but that's wayyyyyy down on my list.  I think the layout would save a lot of wasted desk space.

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Younisace    0

Hi, i recently bought a Silencio 652S, and found it to be NOT SILENT? The hdd bays vibrate like crazy that I put some insulation tape on the inside of the case bracket to take some vibration away. What happend to using rubber grommets to secure the hdd?

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keerkeer27    0

Lapdesk that powers so you go cordfree longer (also cools, usb ports, etc)

Cut the cord! No more trampling over a laptop power cord, 2x the power packed in this lapdesk +cooler+usb port


i wrote this up and submitted to another invention company, they declined the idea - to have a lapdesk with built in extra battery so you can go cordless longer. ( i know battery makes heat, but u guys can do anything, right?)  




The Problem

It is a lapdesk that powers your PC, and allows you to go cord-free twice as long! (battery exists inside the lapdesk that will power your laptop.) Charge both lapdesk and laptop battery when they are near an outlet, and when you are away from an outlet, stay away, worry free much longer! (also includes cooling features and USB hub)

Have you ever wished you could stay just a little bit longer without having to go plug in your laptop?

Have you ever been sitting on the couch with your laptop on your lapdesk only to have kids/dog wish by and rip out the cord?

What about in an airport or on a plain and can't find an outlet?

Wish you could break free from the cord longer than you can on the PC battery power alone in your laptop?

What if your lapdesk (which we all know is good for many reasons) could hold power-- and power your PC !

Other problems solved by using lapdesk (reduced heat-better for laptop life, better ergonomics, usb hubs, etc.) will still be included.

The Solution

We all know lapdesks are important because putting a laptop directly on a bed or couch could be awful for airflow and the life of your hard drive/laptop. Also, if men put laptops directly on their lap too often the heat could be a cause of infertility(0r is that just a myth? better safe than sorry!). Lapdesks that provide cooling usually source the power from the laptop through a USB port. Also, many lapdesks provide USB hubs which can be helpful.

I strongly believe in keeping the cooling mechanism, and usb ports - but the power should come from the lapdesk battery to the laptop (not the other way around). of course both batteries could be depleted before shutting down. The hope is to give you double the cord free time.

There should also be communication between the desk/laptop to monitor power status and distribute usage efficiently. An simple pc/mac app should be available to view remaining power on both devices



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