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Cooling Removable Hard Drive

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I like removable hard drive bays, they have proven very useful to me. I can pull out one hard drive, replace it with another, and have almost literally a brand new, completely different computer. Back ups and installations also go quickly and easily, when using the removable drive.

However, a problem I'm seeing is that removable bay systems do not Cool the drive well. In fact, they usually prevent any cooling airflow from reaching the drive at all.

What I'd like to see is a removable drive bay system that also provided some cooling for the enclosed hard drive.

I envision a removable housing that also acted as a heat-sink/radiator, a solid aluminum unit with radiator fins on the top and/or bottom. The bay itself would act as a duct, channeling air through/past the drive-housing when it's installed. A fan at the back of the bay would draw in air, around/past the housing, drawing away the heat of the drive. This fan would only operate when there was a drive-housing in the unit, to be cooled.

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