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Thermaltake Box/Coolermaster Guts

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TheWyrm    0

Thermaltake Viking VA4000BWS Box

Coolermaster R-120 and a C/Master 600W P/supply

Good setup coolermaster just fit right in. Runs 29-32 Celsius.

Canadian EH! Metric is the language. RADEON 9800 PRO Playing BF2 @ 1024x768 @ 85HZ on a 19" Trinitron.

ASUS M/Board on a P4 3.0 HT with 2.0GB 400MHZ DDR.

Under Heavy Load, The Max temp I have seen before i have to crank the fans up is 42 Celsius.

The Thermaltake Fans from the Box just screwed on to The Coolermaster Rad and Knobs on the Box controls The fans. Thermaltake box had a temp probe for front display and i fastened it to bottom of the Rad right where the pipe connects to the bottom of the rad tank.

Works Really Sweet. If you adjust Properly it runs constant at 35 Celsius. Under Load. (BF2)

Both Fans Full boar at 2500 RPM kinda gives it a roar, but its fun to watch the rad temp drop. :wink:

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