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Real Power Pro 850w cold boot issue

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Lazyboy_DK    0

I would certainly agree to Dakon's Response.. :D

For Cooler Master and their reputation, they should make a Free upgrade from the defect RPP-850Watt to the new RPP-1000Watt.

Or at least send the new 80+ directly to user.

It is NOT accepteble to be without your computer for 3-4 weeks, waiting for the RMA to come throug,

we have alredy have been figthing this problem for more than 3 month !!! :evil::evil::twisted::twisted:

(I am adware of time schedule for CM, solving the "Cold Boot Issue" problem.)

Looking forward to recive a 80+ and to run my computer, without PSU promblems !! :lol::roll::shock::wink:

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Merlins1    0

I now have to agree with the others here... I will NEVER purchase another Cooler Master product... PERIOD! I've been waiting since Feb. 19th for my PSU to get fixed and this is just plain ridicules.

1st) CM claimed it took over 2 weeks for my PSU to ship from Vegas to Cali.

2nd) In your responding email, CM said it would be 7-10 days... that was on 04/06/07. Then on 04/23/07 (17 days later), you finally claimed to ship it... as of today 04/30/07 UPS has only the billing info (another 7 days later) and STILL NO PACKAGE.

3rd) I see that you shipped GROUND... thanks for expediting my return.

I have been trying to be patient but I have had it... I'm going to buy another company's PSU today and sell this off ASAP... (that’s if it ever does shows up). **AND COOLER MASTER... I WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE I KNOW (INCLUDING MY TEAMMATES) ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND THE LACK OF QUALITY AND/OR TRUTH!!!

I've already warned several on buying your products and they said thanks for the warning. One guy was about to buy a case from CM and he said he has now changed his mind.

I should have trusted my first instincts and returned this to NewEgg as soon as it didn't work. I will also file a complaint with NewEgg, so they know what has happened. If anyone else has bought from NewEgg or where ever you bought this PSU… send in a complaint. Maybe enough complaints and they will not do business with Cooler Master! I know that I’m done!

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demiller66    0

I just finished a new build with a Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus, Intel Core 2 Duo E6700, 2 Gigs Kingston DDR2 800, Evga Geforce 8800 Gtx, WD Caviar RE2 500 GB, Plextor DVD, ... Unfortunately, when I went to boot, I wasn't getting the proper voltage from the PSU. I took out the PSU and tried to measure the voltage at all of the connectors. Turns out only a few of them showed above zero. Even the fan on the PSU wouldn't turn on. Also, when I shut the power strip down, the PSU light remained on for almost a minute, which I thought was odd. Any one having similar issues??

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demiller66    0

After reading all of the posts in this forum, I decided that there appears to be a problem with the PSU working in concert with the ASUS P5n32-E Sli Plus. Instead of dealing with repairs, I just decided to purchase the new 850W Decathalon from Silverstone. Hoping that works.

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chehalisjoe    0

I sent an email to the tech support guys about a month ago and have never recieved a reply. Not even when I told them that I grew up in San Bernardino, CA ( close to Ontario, CA. That's where their tech support guys are located.)

First off, the specs:

EVGA 680i Sli mobo

Intel 6600

4 GB of OCZ PC8500 ( @ 1067MHz ) 5-5-5-12

EVGA 8800 GTX Superclocked

SB X-Fi Fatal1ty

DVD-RW Dual Layer


6 Hard drives: 80GB, 120GB, 200GB, 400GB, and 2 500GB's

All are either Western Digital or Hitachi

Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers @ 488 Watts!

ViewSonic 19" LCD ( My next upgrade! )

Windows Vista Ultimate

Antec Server case

Now, the part that I'm here for... :x

Cooler Master 850 Real Power Pro

I took my time putting it together, ran all of my cables and tied them up

all nice and pretty, while maximizing airflow. ( I've had about 6 or 7 systems in this case.)

Had my computer room and desk all cleaned up, with all of install discs on one side of the desk, grabbed a cup of coffee and powered her on first time. 8)

Goes through the boot up sequence and I go into the BIOS and make sure that my voltages are correct and that my CPU isn't in meltdown.

I'm feeling pretty DA** good about now!

Exit BIOS and install Vista. Going great! Have to do several restarts during installation and updates. Hey, I'm liking this system! Vista doesn't do too bad either, fast start up times and fairly easy to navigate.

I finish up about 3AM and go to bed. Get back to my computer that afternoon and am getting ready to install some games and be WOWWED by my new system, after all, everything is new, except for the optical drives and 3 hard drives, and the case.

I hit the power button and nothing happens! I think to myself, " Well there goes about $2000. " I unlatch the side door of the case and see a blinking blue LED, and the red LED arrows on the X-Fi are blinking. HUH??

I turn the computer sideways and can now see the red LED on the back of the power supply. Now, I know that was green when I first powered up!

I unplug the power cord and the red LED goes out after 5 seconds or so.

Plug the cord back in and the computer POSTS then starts up and runs fine.

All voltages are good and there doesn't seem to be too much heat coming out the power supply. Must be a glitch, I thought. I have Vista shut the computer off and as soon as the board turns off, the now green LED turns red. I unplug it and wait for the LED to go out and plug it back in. Same thing, without pushing the power button, it POSTS and starts up Vista.

After playing with it several times and seeing the LED turn red just as the computer shuts down, I begin to think that I have a problem with my GPU or X-Fi, After unplugging it again, I remove power to everything but the CPU and CPU fan, the 24 pin mobo connector and the main hard drive, ( I even removed the 2 GPU plugs). Still have the same problem.. :shock:

That was when I emailed tech support, to which I never recieved an answer.

I bought all of parts at one time through Tiger-Direct on May 1, 2007. My stuff came in just 2-3 days later. I've been battling this problem for almost a month. Well, last night, I took my old power supply, Antec 500W SLI certified, and installed it. Guess what? No more problem!

You know, I almost bought the bigger Antec power supply because I've never had a problem with them. I bought the Cooler Master because of the name and the reputation the PC and Gaming magazines have given them. I THOUGHT that they would have the best power supply due to their reputation as cooling " experts" and use the best materials, while charging us for the "premium" power supply. Boy, do I wish that I found this forum before I bought this power supply.

I've seen numerous instances ( here) of the response time of their tech support. And then to find out that tech support only has live people until 5PM Pacific time. Not on weekends, either I believe. Any business person will tell you that the premium products sell more from word of mouth and reviews, than advertising.

I'd like to know if the problems that I'm having are occuring to most of you, or just the cold-boot problem, which is kinda like the problem I'm having.

Also, I can't get case front panel LED's to light. I've even reversed the polarities, just in case my book was wrong...

I'm fortunate enough to have a back up power supply, so at least I'm not down..

I know that it's winded, but I want Cooler Master to know what all I've been through and tried....

** Update: I bought the power supply on April 28th and it shipped the next day. Now Tiger-Direct won't take it back. :evil::evil:


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