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real power 550

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grafton    0

lol thx, i meant of the unit by itself but never mind i already have one in the mail, currently 3 parts done out of

cpu Intel e6400 2.13Ghz ... 6813136168

mobo DFI 975X LGA 775 ... 6819115004

PSU CM real power 550W ... 6817171009

RAM 1GB patriot stick drr2 800 ... 6820220088

Graphics radeon x800GT ... 6814131420

nb cooler CM ice blue Pro ... u=S35-1018

bay con. converts 5.25 to 3.5 ... =C283-2027

the blue ice pro and the bay converter

going to use the case and stuff i already have harddrives etc

normaly i would post a pic but for some reason my clans ftp server where i would put the photos is not work correctly

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grafton    0

here's a good question about bout the little power meter (now that i have it installed and running) how would i calculate the Kw/hr from the display assuming that my pc is at the same usage level for an hour is it just the amount showed on the meter divided by 1000 ?

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