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WOW! All new! Real Power 850 Watt! From CM!

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asphalt    0

Hopefully this is not to stupid of a question, but with the lack of the power switch does power up by keyboard/mouse have to enabled in your BIOS to turn your computer on after the intial install of this PSU? Meaning, if I forgot to enable the setting in the BOIS before I installed the Real Power 850 will my computer fire up right when I plug in the power cord or do I need to hook up another PSU to power up then enable the feature in the BIOS, then install the Real Power 850?


Yup it is a stupid question, thats what the power button is for on the front of the case :roll::oops:

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Spart1337    0

Just to clarify something........

The fx-74 will not be available as a single processor. They will be sold in pairs at an estimated price of $1000 per pair. They will not use AM2. Any upgraders will have to get a new motherboard. The reason AMD is going this route is to pave the way for the future. When AMDs Quad chips come out next year you will be able to run them in tandem on these boards for OCTO core processing.

Heres more info if you want it. ... VzaWFzdA==

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