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Stacker 810, can't install cards properly

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rijko    0

yes, i have had exactly the same problems.

How about RMA-ing the case ?

Read my thread and you will probably agree that the 810 has a production fault.

If you read this thread ... hlight=810, you may want to choose a STC-T01.

( if you still want any CM case at all )

Why do you think the new tray will solve the problem ?

Is it a new and improved tray ? A tray from another model case perhaps ?

BTW - imho if you dremeled your brand new case because CM recommended that, they are at least morally obligated to RMA the case if that fails...

I read your posts and taste the very same dissatisfaction with CM .

I have also installed hundreds of mobos in all sorts of cases and i have never seen anything this bad !!

A production flaw is not a big problem : if you adress it the right way.

I feel like you, and i hope you are treated better than i have been treated.

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dharm    0

so i got my package a few weeks ago, for the replacement tray/pci-bracket...

i didnt open my package today.

1) no instructions were sent

2) no screws were sent... so if i were to drill it, i dont have screws to put it back together

i thought i could just install a replacement pci bracket... but now looking at what I was sent, this is not the case. I have to install the stc-01 tray, to be able to install the pci bracket anyways....

i was sent a mobo tray WITHOUT the revision plate installed... WTF

if i wanted a stc-01, i would have bought a stc-01. could have saved $50.

if i used the motherboard tray, i would lose a 120mm fan, and change the layout of my pc (i have a 2x 120MM watercooling radiator mounted at the back.)

give me a better fix than this crap. I was already scammed by CM when it didnt have a removeable tray. I am getting screwed again.

i feel like chucking this out the window, and buy something better. This is obviously a design fault.

i can easily mod the stc-01 tray so i can use both 120mm fans... maybe a hours worth of work.

but why should I waste time fixing a fault your design.

so basically in the end, i get a stc-01, with less functionality of a stc-01, but i payed an extra $50... bs

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dharm    0

it would be cool if someone at CM could send me the instructions at least for a temp fix.

i dont want to drill out the wrong rivots. (and i tried disasembling the mobo tray they sent me, and i got nowhere with it. unscrewed like 10 screws, and the revision plate doesnt seems to come off).

anyways, i need the instructions... some sort of pictures for me to look at of installing the new mobo tray, and replacing the revision plate.

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sam7    0

I think I found easiest way out:

you need to install Mobo by 3 mm higher, for this purpose I've installed additional nuts (abt 2,5 mm thickness) in the lower part of the stands on which Mobo is laying.

That's it.

Cost of the solution - few cents.

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