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The Mad Modder

What is a "mod" to you?

What is a mod to you?  

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  1. 1. What is a mod to you?

    • Any part you add to the case that did not come with the case.
    • Any minor modification like changing the thumbscrews or a bezel cover.
    • Overclocking is modding all by itself.
    • Any physical change to the stock box, like paint, holes, etc.
    • Major surgery on the case and structure to make it look nothing like what it was.

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Infinity    0
"out of the ordinary"
I'm doing something that is exactly that... and having a stock case with no f-ugly lighting and no crappy window :P

'modding' has become far too mainstream and common for my liking now, so I'm just going for sleek and simple chassis now. (hence going for coolermaster cases)

Anyway, if you take the real definition of mod/modding (modification) then by adding/changing/removing something from a stock case can be called a 'mod'.

My definition of a mod is something that voids your warranty and can go horribly wrong :)

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blvfisc    0

If the definition of a "mod" is something that changes the apperance of a case, what do you call the following:

- Raidmax Storm Case (Pre-Mod)

- Thermal Take Aquarius II Water Cooling Kit

- Intel P4 3 gig Prescott Processor

- 1 gig PC2100 memory

- 1 WD 40 gig HD

- 1 WD 80 gig HD

- 64 eVGA 64mg nvidia video

Now I know what you are thinking, Just a bunch of bolt-ons, no mod here. :(

Here comes the true test of a mod, changing alot and not showing anything at all.

Here is what was done.

First thing done to the water cooling was to remove the 80 mm Thermatake fan on the radiator and replace it with a LED fireworks fan. Mor airflow on the fireworks fan. Could have stopped there, but what fun is that. Took the newly modded radiator and mounted to the front panel of the case, wear the stock front fan is on the case.

Second thing now that the new 80 mm fan that moves more air, lets not leave well enough alone, I know we aren't using the 3.5 inch drive bay, HD mounted in Ultimate dirve cooler in the 5.25 inch bays, so we mount a 120mm Antec in the 3.5 inch bays, in such a manner that the can still be used to mount 3.5 devices in the future if necessary. Airflow, we now have a small huricane happening.

Third thing was to cut out 80 mm holes where that fans go. Now I am sure you are saying they are ready have the holes marked so what is the big deal. Well since the standard areas where the fans are mounted aren't really one big 80mm hole in the case, but a bunch of little holes which restrict the airflow down to half the potential. Net result four 80mm mounting areas, 1 in front, 2 in the rear, 1 in the top (plexi-glass), and the 120mm in the drive cage, is air flow, air flow, air flow, and just once more air flow. :lol:

Now that the case is cut, time to paint the inside, 2 coats of metal flake blue, just becuase standard steel color is just wrong.

Here is the relsut of the above. I took a mchine with the above specs, running at an idle at 131 degrees and 164 degrees under load, to 74 degrees at idle and 95 degrees under load. 70 degree improvement, what more can you ask for.

Now after saying that anyone with a dremel can cut a hole, but the real test of a modder is to make a mod look like it was supposed to happen, or not seen at all.


PS: The next project will include the following:

A Water-Cooled Centurion 2, sporting new right and left side windows. Fans on the both sides, 120mm fans where ever possible.

Stay tuned for upcoming results. Whow knows where the insanity will end 8)


ShadeTree Mods

"A place where the impossible, is not only possible, but an everyday occurance."

Is it a problem when you tear apart an entire system just to change an LED in a fan and an floppy drive replacement includes bondo?

For those of you who don't agree with what I have written hear, that is ok, because you just don't exist in my world. So flame away. :lol:

Moral of the story, if it looks good to you at the end of the day then it was worth the adventure. :D

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Earth    0

Hm... So a case build yourself from scratch ain't a mod...? I can get used to that idea... But I guess most people doing there own cases started with modding.. Most cases just aren't good enough (no offence for coolermaster - there are some good cases out here)

But then there must be a separate contest for "case builders"...

I think that a custom made case is more of a mod then a case that is made from premodded stuff. Sure it can look pretty cool, a nicely bought sidepannel... But you didn't do anything else than buying stuff and putting it together. The real fun is in trying to get the airflow right and making sure that strictural integrity is enough to keep your case in one pease. That's the same thing "case builders" are dealing with. So i think that if you make your own case it's more like modding, than people that use premod-stuff...


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deadly-app    0

definitely physical, at least.

In my opinion NOW. its to alter the structure itself.

my last one-Elemental Fire-was my first, so its nothing structural.

my next one, lots of structural work.

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sklbns27    0

I didn't really a good exaplme of a "mod" should be untill I went looking in the case mod contest today.

Moderator edit: please contact the member via PM for the information you seek. Please save all comments about the entries for after the voting so as not to sway the vote. It would not be fair for those who have no one to speak for them and it's possible a major campaign could ensue to encourage people to vote for any of the other entries. It could get messy. Thank you for understanding.

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Guest Kingfisher   
Guest Kingfisher

For me, mod means that you add some new part and change the case in some way. But I have only done the first aprt (i.e. add new part, like buy some LED fan and Light) because the second part will void my case warranty which I do not really like.

But I really enjoy seeing other people change the apperance of their case a lot, which means creativity and artisitc side of them.

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Guest SpiderMAN   
Guest SpiderMAN

Modding is an art of creating...

This is the best part of modern computing...

With this few words...

"Beige sucks" :)

I mod for yourself.

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