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Choosing Chassis considering furure updates

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advapi    0


I always haven't took care about chassis, but know looking at coolermaster's website, I've seen that some are really cool and even not so much expensive.

I was wondering wich chassis mets my needs bests, here's my configuration

1x AMD X2 4200+ (Stock cooler) Manchester die

1x Asus A8N-sli se

2x hard drive 300GB sata2

2x DVD-rom (Pioneer dvdr-111d + liteon dvd-rom)

1x 7900GT geforce

4x 512MB ram DDR 400 modules

1x Sound blaster live2

I wish to upgrade, in a second step to liquid-cooler, so my question is, wich chassis is best for me? for liquid-cooler I wish to put radiator inside, and not to have other components external. I've seen this: ... ist_en.pdf

but is doesn't contains new chassis as 532,534,540.....

What u suggest? right now in idle I'm at 42°C for CPU, is it ok?



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Phuncz    0

If you are going for a AquaGate mini R120, you can use about any case that has a rear or top 120mm fan. And that's practically 80% of the CM cases. For the rest that have 80mm fans, Coolermaster has a AquaGate Mini R80 :)

So you should just choose the case you like and take the appropriate AquaGate with that. Also, the AquaGate should keep your CPU cool enough. It probably won't lower that temperature as that is already pretty low, but it will lower the noise considerably.

Also, your hardware shouldn't have any trouble fitting in any case. Personally I like the new Mystique 632, too bad I already bought an RC-830 or I would've bought this one for sure.

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