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Solid Snake

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium + CM Blue Ice + 7800GT with ZM VF-900=?

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Solid Snake    0

Hi! :D

Does Сooler Master Blue Ice compatible with ASUS A8N-SLI Premium motherboard and ASUS Extreme N7800GT with Zalman VF-900 CU on it? will it fit?

Thanks for support and sorry for my English! :D

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stylish83    0

that is a yes to both blue ice on the mb and the zalman on the asus n7800GT. There is one thing i dont understand is why you have taking off the heat pipe from your mb and replacingit with the Blue Ice. the heat pipe is connected to the mofet near the cpu. Isnt that like one whole piece or are you planning to cut the end off...

as for the zalman VF900 Cu, it has four different wholes for its position on various NVIDIA card. take a look at there website. it explains all. here is the link: scroll down to the bottom of the table and look at number 5 in the VGA Card table.

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