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Project: GreenThunder

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Wacft    0

dude very nice work, im really liking it. its looking real pro.

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ID    0

I like your use of the audio jacks, it's a nice touch (and practical)!

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bry1987    0

my hats off to you man. itd probably take me forever to work up the motivation to do something like this, let alone have the skill to rewire stuff like you have been. i think the case looks sweet with the "lightningflamethings" fantastic job ;)

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Guest markkleb   
Guest markkleb

I have to agree thats a beautiful job. Good combo, not overdone..

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ninuhadida    0

nice work over there ;)

sry haven't been able to check up on the forum lately, since i've been away from home for a few weeks. :)

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Finally got around to finishing off this case, only need to do like two small things in the next update and then im completley finished.

This is the VFD/LCd that I will be using, just a 16 x 2 green character display.



This is where it will be installed, in the 3 1/4 bay for a floppy drive. Looking at this pic its obvious there is no real easy way to mount it. I will have to make custom mounts.


Here is the space for the screen cut in the drive bay cover.


My custom monuts made from acrylic finished, these took a good few hours of using different materials and designs until I found one that I managed to get to work.


The front of it repainted in black since I scratched it up a bit while making the monuts. The screen has masking over it to protect it from the paint.


Stealthing the Drive.

Bay cover marked for cutting.


Cut and filed.


The front of the DVD RW.


I sanded the ridge off.


I glued the bay cover onto the DVD RW front using all purpose glue, then gave it a few coats of black gloss. This way I can take off the stealth cover if I want to. It just pops on and off like a normal drive faceplate.

(Pics of it finished at the end of this post)

Installed my system.



And the completed front bezel including the display and stealthed drive.




Final update in a few days.

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