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Where to Mount Addtional Fan for Centurion 5?

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Jackpine    0

I agree with this approach:

From there, you can add an exhaust on the top panel of your case (if that's possible) and/or an intake on the side panel. There's also nothing wrong with experimenting: redirect the flow on your fans, keep an eye on temperatures, and see what works for you.

I think that I will add an intake fan on the side.

By the way, do people generally leave the funnel that comes attached to the side panel alone, or do they install a fan between the panel and the funnel? (I do have the option of installing an intake fan at the funnel, or beside it where the openings are in the panel.)

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ID    0

The funnel is required by Intel standards to cool their processors (or so I've been told). As you can probably guess, it redirects cool outside air straight towards the processor's heatsink. Yes you can certainly place a fan between the funnel and case to blow air inwards. This is especially effective if the cooler has a fan fixed to the top of the heatsink. Again, the best idea is to experiment and see what works best.

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