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Lazarus Dark

Project:UNMPC Apr10 I'm not dead :P

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Some of you may have already guessed that those are two Stackers.

With tons of space between!

Thus the name in honor of intels new UMPC:

Ultra so heavy i will Never ever ever be able to Move it PC


(lol dont worry the name is just temporary. ideas are welcome.)

very brief background:

This is my first mod ever. Actually this will be my first desktop ever (not that it will fit on a desk.)



Aside from my dad and stepdads comps (ahhh...the old windows 3.11 Packard H3ll and Compaq pentium333mhz(whoa!dvd-rom!)), the only comp I've owned is a Toshiba Satellite 1805 from 2001(1ghzceleronholycrap!=) which I am on now. It sucks now. It was great at the time for the new comercial satellite networking subcontractor biz I started, but now its way past its won't play mpeg4 at all.

This won't do.

Also this is my first interaction with the online community. Though for the last year or so I have been monitoring this forum as well as bit-tech (where i plan to start a mirror in the near future; except for some exclusive content for my fellow coolermaster enthusiasts here) and a few other random mod sites, I have never posted anything...ever. In fact, until I met my girlfreind two years ago I had not had internet access as I was a single guy on a budget and the times I had been on the net there was nothing much to see, but she introduced me to her cable modem and lo and behold I never took her out anywhere again. Just kiddin. But seriously, i found out the internet had finally become interesting. I have learned tons of stuff over the last two years and have been most excited to find out about modding. Strange, since I have never been good with my hands or really even interested in doing artistic or crafty stuff; I've mostly been into programming and software. But I am very excited (okay, giddy=p) about finally starting my mod after a year and a half of planning (really) and starting my worklog to share with others who share this interest. Yay! I'm a prosumer!

UNMPC (I laugh every time I type it =) will be an HTPC (rofl...acronyms are great!), also housing in the future a media server and a e-mail and file server, thus the need for space. Along with water cooling (for quiet and some OCing) and possibly a game console (I saw a Stacker with an xbox modded in once).

My case will be stealthy but still be showy. No really.=) Anyway this will be the center of my living room and home theater. I have many surprises for you.

About the Stacker:

After seeing the extensive modifications I will make some may ask, Why not just build the case from scratch? I had planned to do this first, but then thought that for my first mod i should start (somewhat) simple. I searched for the nicest case with plenty of expansion room, quality, solid construction, and simplicity so that I dont have to get rid of unnecessary parts. The Stacker fit all this plus I really like the drive bezels and the BTX compatibility. The mobo tray is removable in a way that I like, and, oh yeah it's BIG. Also I am unsure of my mod skills and somewhat lazy so it seems easier to have the mobo tray and such so that I dont have to figure out all the measurements and cut and drill expansion slots, drive bays, etc.

About the mod:

And of course after I chose this case I googled for Stacker mods to see what others had done with it and, viola, I discovered the I-Spider and Obsidian Spire. I had already planned on using two Stackers, but these solidified it. But the Stacker is tall enough in my opinion, I wanted wider so I thought side by side with a small space in between, which got much larger when inspiration hit later. You'll see what I mean soon.

About the worklog:

I have noticed many crappy worklogs for great mods and plan to do this one right. I think the ac ryan contest proves that people, including me, appreciate a good worklog (not that I would ever aim for that prize;). Don't let this first post turn you off, I promise I wont ramble so much in the future and will have lots of picks; I have over fifty already!

Also I will try to only post relevant, entertaining, informative, non-blurry pics to ensure that your experience with this mod and worklog are as pleasant as mine.

Some things that seem obvious to more experienced modders are not so obvious to us noobs and so I will explain some of the finer points of my mod in detail for those like myself who wish more worklogs would better describe the process.

Questions, comments, suggestions (a better name?), and general feedback is more than welcome! I don't bite!

Now enough talk, MORE PICS!

obligatory case pics. 20 oz bottle is for size reference for the unfortunate folks who do not own a Stacker. i got the half stripped case in november and just got the second in march. i stripped the first to get measurements, reference, and inspiration while i waited for more money to buy the second. It was an excrutiating wait!




more stripping...


And finally...

Hot Nekid Modding Action!


More pics coming tomorrow (sorry I need sleep!).

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Welcome to the forums!

Good luck with your mod! It's very ambitious and your layout is definitely unique. Make sure you show us your final product, I'm looking forward to it! :D

[mod edit: cleaned post]

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[Thread cleaned]

Good luck with your mod Lazarus Dark, looks like you were editing your post at the same time as I did, either way, it's fixed now. Feel free to link to larger pictures in the future. :)

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okay, I guess I won't sleep today. Work is gonna suck tonight. =)oh well

hmmm... whats odd about this pic of my stacker boxes?


its so roomy in here!


Im thinking of renting out the space for a reasonable fee if anyones interested. weekly rates available!




I drilled out the rivets holding the PSU cages. I was very nervous as I was making the first permenent marks on my two expensive cases. But all went well. Actually, drilling out the rivets gave my an idea. I had seen a fairly cheap rivet gun at the local hardwareDepot while looking for supplies and mod ideas. So I went back and got one and rivets of various length. Removing the rivets had left part of the PSU cage kindof flimsy so for practice I re-riveted those holes.


It worked quite well. I have not seen any mods before using rivets but I like it. It makes for a very simple, clean, low profile connection and looks very professional too. I will be using rivets as much as possible, at least where a connection does not need to be moved in the future.

Note: This is embarassing, but I am willing to endure it to help others who might be as naive as me. When using a rivet gun, continue to pump it until it 'pops'. I had never seen this done so I assumed that I should squeeze once and then cut the remainder off. But after a while a couple of them popped off and I realized this was how it was supposed to go. I feel dumb now but perhaps this will save others the embarassment. :cry:

By the way, my girlfriend now informs me that they are sometimes called pop rivets......thanks for the info sweetie.

I will leave you with a disturbing pic....

I used my expensive case to hold down a board while I cut it with my circular saw. Dont follow my example. :roll:


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By the way, my girlfriend now informs me that they are sometimes called pop rivets......thanks for the info sweetie.
Yes they are, because the spike pops off when they're fixed. I use them quite frequently for metal work, because even if you do need to remove them in the future it's a few seconds with a drill and they're out.

(oh yeah, looks like imageshack have deleted your photos from your first post)

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Nope, I'll never sleep again, thanx a lot coolermaster :)

plate steel, very sturdy



after some measurements and some cutting


wow I cant cut a straight line to save my life, but i'm just using a reciprocating saw to get it close


rEALLYhOTmODaCTIO-okay I promise I'll stop that


768x1024pic here:

I bought two six foot pieces of angle steel, and cut them in half for four three foot pieces. The width of the case will be about three foot of course.

The front two pieces had to be be notched out for the drives to fit through.


I used my new 10.8v cordless dremel (thanx to my gf for the Christmas present) but I would not recomend this. The battery does not last long enough for this kind of work. I spent 10 minutes cutting, then had to stop for three hours of charging. It was very frustrating. I would recomend a corded dremel or even better tools if you have access for metal of this thickness. However, I love the freedom of the cordless and the 10.8v is just as powerful as a corded, so I am just going to order another battery; that should help a lot.

Anyway, I found that cutting halfway through with the fiber reinforced wheel, then grabbing the notch with visegrips and bending it back and forth until it broke off was the easiest way. Because of the battery problem, these four notches took over a week of frustrating stop and go work to complete. Here you can see how many cutting wheels I went through on just these four notches. Prepare to buy lots. For this work the diamond wheel didn't seem to help much.


your gf's kitchen chairs make great cutting blocks! what black marks?

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neat mod. i'm in the middle of a stacker mod, myself, though the worklog isn't doubled up here. check out for my media server.

what i can't figure out, and you may or may not want to give away the surprises, but that is a buncho damn space you got there between the 2 cases. why do you need that much space? my media server will hold about 16 drives and several tv tuner cards. total space will be over 4 terabytes. what could you possibly need 2 stackers plus the space between for?

btw, are there any spare parts you want to get rid of? let me know, also, if you're looking for any extra stacker parts, too.


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