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Scythe Ninja other passive HeatSinks

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mw    0

Yeah i totally agree with INFINITY 8)

I use a centurion530 (yes the crap one with dodgy cdrom mechanism) with an amd 3200 mounted under the hyper6+ without its fan.

I do play games alot and use the gigabyte 6600gt passive version.

I also have the mCubed tbalancer and in day to day use just have the front fan at 70% power (silent) and the rear at 100%, when things start to heat up the side fan kicks in and the front powers up in stages (this is hardly ever though).

The cpu sits at 42oC and mainboard at 22oC. When i have done a big session the cpu rises to about 50oC. The HD is kept inside a scythe silent case thingy.

You may have heard me moaning about the C^^p 100mm fan on the hyper - its now in the bin ! Next im looking at the fluid bearing design fans from sony (although marketed under a different name!) to get ultra quiet. Next thing to go after that is the PSU. !!! :shock:

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ballbags    0

hello here for an update.

the scythe does fit into the praetorian with about a few millimetre to spare, very close shave.

i love the case it's very good for airflow considering i took at every single fan out of the case fans and not running any. got a 120mm on cpu blowing through the heatsink and out the rear case vent, and thats it.

cpu idles between 30- 35C on athlon64-3200

the down side is, the case is very loud for yr hard drives. it doesn't come with any rubber washers so the harderive connects directly against the chassis and amplify the sound.

if yr getting this case make so u get some hard drive enclosure boxes, im looking for some now. wud apprecaite some recommendation.

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