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Upgraded to Hyper 6+

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misterLOBY    0

Well I got a chance to take the cooler off, clean both the heatsink and the cpu. This time I put the artic silver 5 on the cpu. I put the heatsink back on. As per the instructions, i twisted the heatsink gently clockwise and counterclockwise to minimize the possibility of air bubbles. Screwed everything back together making sure everything was put on properly. I powered the system back up... and the same thing.

29.0C sys

45.0C cpu

32.0C pwm

I guess this will do. Perhaps it's not the cooler. Perhaps its the case. Well, I'm not replacing the case at this time to reduce the temp of few degrees. Maybe later on, nut not now.

Thanks for your help everyone.


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Mr. Miyagi    2

It's just airflow. I really wouldn't worry about it. Prescotts can take a beating and run very hot. Unless it's about 60c or causing instability issues, I wouldn't worry about it.

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