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Survey: Your next power supply purchase (Blue Ice Giveaway!)

What is the most important criteria when you decide to buy the next power supply?  

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  1. 1. What is the most important criteria when you decide to buy the next power supply?

    • Wattage
    • MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
    • Price
    • Appearance
    • Efficiency

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merovingian    0

Let's see here.

Okay first, here is a pretty easy way to measure your needed wattage so long as you are willing to stay on the safe side for a little extra cash...

I'm running...

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

2x6800GT@Ultra in SLI


Audigy 4

Athlon64 Venice Core 3000+@2.6GHz

So, with this running on a 550W PSU@75% efficency, that means effectively 412W of useable power across three seperate voltage rails. I'll get back to this thread soon after I run FEAR with Prime95 in the background while my HD's are copying files to each other and tell you exactly what the total draw is but I'm betting that I'm fairly close as it is. Good news is that those 6800GT's@Ultra draw more power than even the most demanding current GPU's so if my 550 can push these you shouldn't have a problem unless your running SLI with a crazy raid system and dual core or something.

Anyway, I suppose that I take the proper wattage of my PSU for granted so for me it's not the feature I keep my eye out for, it's just one of my requirements. Other minimum requisites include, seperate rails, 2.0 complient, PFC, 70% efficiency, standard size, and an MTBF of at least 80K hours.

I see that CM's top PSU has 400K MTBF!?! :shock: Some people may not realize this but that's a failure rate of about once every 45.5 years and about four to five times as long as most quality PSU's on the market. I suppose if this was independantly varified than I'd be more impressed as CM claims have sometimes in the past been, well, overstated.

Back on track. Given all these things have been considered, I would say that the MTBF is pretty important if the claim can be varified as a valid one as when PSU's go down they often take hardware with it. Beyond that a company with a decent RMA policy/dept. rep *cough* and a solid psu reputation are also important but for me nothing tops quiet. I'll pay 75% more for a silent PSU everytime and it's probably the feature that is hardest to find pretty much limiting me to two psu's I know of and which I choose really depends on how much power I need and how much I want to spend.

So, for a 500-550W highly efficient stable PSU that meets the above mentioned requirements? I'd pay $130 if it were made by CM and $300 if you could claim 300K MTBF and show that it's actually a valid claim.

/My 2 cents

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