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Survey: Your next power supply purchase (Blue Ice Giveaway!)

What is the most important criteria when you decide to buy the next power supply?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the most important criteria when you decide to buy the next power supply?

    • Wattage
    • MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
    • Price
    • Appearance
    • Efficiency

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sorjorla    0

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS! They are very helpful!

As I promised, I'll randomly pick one person to win the Blue Ice 2. I know it isn't something big, but please still take that as my tiny little gratitude. And the winner is:


Please email your shipping address to I believe you are in USA just by seeing the flag. If you are not in USA, Canada, or Mexico, I'm sorry but we'll have to pick another winner.

For those who didn't win anything this time, please don't be mad at me. :oops: Just stay tune at CM Forum, I'll try to come up with something for you this weekend and announce it next week.

Dear all,

I'm doing a little market research here and need your help. We want to know what makes the perfect PSU that everybody would like. Please feel free to leave any comments here. Here are some criteria I want to hear from you:

1. How much wattage do you think is sufficient?

2. What features are must-have to this PSU?

3. How much are you willing to spend on this PSU?

Thank you very much for your input! :D

P.S. I want to hear from you! So, whoever leaves a valuable comment here [Emoticon response doesn't count as valuable here :roll: ], you are automatically enter in the lucky draw!

We will randomly pick ONE person to win the Blue Ice 2 (RT-UCL-L4U1)! :wink: I will announce the winner on Friday afternoon, Pacific Standard Time!

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Mr. Miyagi    2

I think you should add stability on your list. That is the most important thing. If it's not stable, it can cause computer crashes and other problems. I really don't think you should have appearance on there since that doesn't make a good PSU. Stabitity, efficiency and amout of watts (continuous) are what should be looked at buying a PSU. Just my opinion though...

(Moved to PSU Forum)

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wow yolanda got right on it after the meeting eh.

Still need our members' help to get my research done~ :oops:

good luck you have until friday.

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RaptorFury    0

continuous wattage , amount of plugs , size of wire . amps on the rails and its effeincy rating of the psu as well and price ( i cant go out and afford the most expensive stuff ) ... theres a lot i consider before i purchase a Psu . and i will read a few reviews of it as well ( there not my determining factor )

Thats why i am glad i gotten the real power from you folks ( man this thing is the BOMB :D btw ) because there be no way i could ever afford it ...

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Wacft    0

things that matter to me are quality and stability and price. psu's for top of the line system shouldnt die after a year or two. my last psu made it two years "company started with an A" and my moms dell psu wich is four years or older is still rocking on. generic psu's shouldnt outlast name brands. im starting to think you guys make your stuff to die so we have to replace it sooner. and when i say "you guys" im not talking to CM directly but to all name brand hardware makers.

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knud    129

I choose "wattage", but there are more things important to me.

*Silence, for me that's very important.

random order:

*wattage, cause I have a lot of hardware in my pc

*Stability - speaks for its own

*looks (meshing, 12cm fan, easy release connectors)- I has to look nice

*Fan delay system - fan keeps running for 5 mins after shutdown --> heat out pc, better for the hardware

*optional: choose which cable's you use and which ones not. Less cable's--> better airflow

*price -I'm willing to pay a lot of money for a PSU, if it is good one. (the things above)

Hope this helps!

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Karma Ghost    0

1. In terms of wattage, I feel that a 550W is more than enough for the consumer that CM is targetting. The enthusiast crowd, even with 2 7800GTX and a smokin new chip, are unlikely to touch 550W even with several hard drives. But wattage is not a huge concern of mine when I look at power supplies.

2. Must haves: 24-pin motherboard connector, at least 2 SATA connectors (4 would be better), 2 PCI-E connectors, PFC, efficient and quiet cooling, and 2 or more +12v rails.

3. I once had a problem with a power supply back when I had just started building computers. It died and destroyed a lot of components. From this I've come to realize that it is important not to skimp on a power supply or go for one just because it is cheaper. If I found a power supply that met all of my expectations in #2, I would spend ~$100 buying one.

For the most important criteria, I would say that I value efficiency most of all. As is obvious by looking at the PSU market, any no name company can churn out a 600W power supply with glowing cables and neon colors, but how many of them can deliver consistent power? In my opinion, it's very important that power supplies be able to do what they are advertised to do. More companies need to make power supplies that have >70% efficiency.

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