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CM Stacker 810 - my terrible experiences...

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rijko, happy to hear it all worked out well for you! I must say, all of the companies i've dealt with, whether it be a computer related company, television, car or any of the above..the best companies are those that treat their customers the way they treated you. Sure it might have costed them a few extra bucks to take care of the problem but in the end it's got to be worth the customer loyalty and satisfaction after they take care of an issue similar to yours.

It's really comforting to hear another story of CM taking care of their customers!!

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dharm    0

I figured its about time to post my experience on this ordeal.

I was offered the same thing as rijko... and I was happy to get it...

but I never got it. :evil:

The person I was dealing with CoolerMaster just dropped from our email conversations.

I was having good communication dealing with Alan Barraza.

Original Email was Sep 17, 2006

Last comminication was in Nov 20, 2006

I attempted to contact Alan Barraza till Mar 14, 2007, sending a email every few weeks...

Attempted to CC the coolermaster support email address when contacting Alan... yet noone ever responded...

seeing as I orignaly pointed the problem out in 2005... its been almost 3 years of crap from CM.

hopefully I get this resolved and I can be as happy as rijko

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mutambo    0

After hours together search on net, i saw people are using dremel to do the favors.

Problems are the same

PCI issues...

Highly irritable "mobo tray not able to remove"

Front panel cables not able to reach dual socket mobo.....

After a BIG research (before me to find "dropper" thread)i found how to install the FDD,but now its not setting in,some problem not sure i fed up for now, i will try over the week end.

PS: Lately random google search picked CM site FDD installation guide(jpg)

Lower bottom PSU stuff, my dual socket mobo 24 pin + 8 pin are on upside and the PSU cable not able to reach there,so ordered extension cable,now the problem is cable is running over the mobo.(i hate)

Any solution other than me getting a dremel and punching it out...but it will avoid warranty..?????

My 810 buying decision is two exhaust fans + cross flow fan(from a review, will post the link) later came to know CF fan doesn't worth -> -1

Every time i open the case i humiliate to see the PSU cable running over plus front panel cable hanging around.

please offer solutions .....

mode 810 to make it little t01....(naive to ask)

RMA and get T01 ?

Dremel and try ?

PS : paid top bucks...i hate to tinker.

Starring at the case and trying to find ways to overcome these is tiring, honestly why not discarding the case --> like it + top bucks. :(

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dharm    0

I would just give an update...

since my last post, I have been contacted by CM USA and they are looking to fulfill the original agreement.

So if it goes through (I will update once again), I will eventually be a happy CM customer....

CM USA seems to be improved more than before, with more staff... this makes a tonne of difference.

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