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Praetorian Front Panel Pinouts

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RealGomer    0

I got my Praetorian brush alum and have it together. I do have a couple questions. First, for the two fans in the front, is it okay to connect their power leads to each other and then connect one to the power supply?

Second, the pin out on the 1394 connector does not match the pin out on my Gigabyte GA K8NS Pro mobo. Giga says that's CoolerMaster's problem, not theirs, as the y use the current IEEE specs. Suggestions how to fix?

Third, I also wanted to hook up the sound ports on the front but again the wires don't match the mobo. I believe there's one more power lead on the case than there are on the mobo. Thanks!

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1) yes you can connect one fan connector to the PSU and the other fan to the splitter from the fan that's connected to the PSU.

2) The Praetorian firewire cable comes with 9pins which is standard a year ago. MB now a day changed to the 6pins connector which does not support the case. This is really hard because this case is old and we do not have the wire to give you. The wavemaster now come with the 6pins cables that u need but it won't fit with your front panel I/O. I get a lot of these questions because there are people who need 9pins and some need 6pins. I'm really sorry but i do not have the cables for you because we've never designed a front panel Praetorian case firewire cable that support 6pins.

3) The sound comes with 2 grounds, one for the mic and one for the audio. Please plug either the audio or mic into your MB and the other to your sound card.

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