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What kind of PSU features you hope to see ?

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j-g-faustus    0

These are the features I'm looking for:

  • [*:bk29epq5]Low noise, e.g. 20dB or lower on low load (idle system, say below 50-100W) and not too noisy at high loads. (Although I've never had a PSU I managed to load as much as 50%, so I'm primarily interested in the noise at low loads.)
    [*:bk29epq5]High efficency, the higher the better
    [*:bk29epq5]Modular. I tend to go for the smallest case I can squeeze the components into, so the fewer cables the better.
    [*:bk29epq5]Small capacity.
    My latest system (a moderately OC'd Intel 2600K) draws 150W from the wall at full load, 44W at idle. It seems a bit wasteful to use a 600W PSU (the smallest I could find with an 80plus Gold ranking), but it's too much power for a picoPSU. A Gold-rated 300W or thereabouts would be ideal for my purposes.
    [*:bk29epq5]Automatic, flexible reassignment of the PSU power to the different lines (+3.3V, +5V, +12V etc.) as needed.

Don't know if the last point is possible within the ATX specifications, but as an end user my life would be simpler if I could assume that an "X watt power supply" could run X watts of hard disk, X watts of video cards, X watts of CPU or any combination of these with equal ease.

As a use case I have a DIY home server with a weakling CPU, integrated graphics and the case stuffed full of hard drives. I have five disks at the moment, each spec'd to draw ~20W at startup, so total 100W is needed at bootup for the drives alone.

Can I extend it to ten disks/200W on my current 500W power supply? If disks draw power from the 12V line, yes; if from the 3.3V or 5V lines, no. It would be nice if I could simplify the calculation to "200W + cpu + graphics + mobo + PCIe cards is less than 500W, so yes".

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genetar    0

I just want to see the high-efficiency stuff become cheaper. I'd love to have an 80+ Gold or Plat power supply like the NZXT Hale 750 Watt for a more reasonable price. I hate how expensive they become once they get a good rating. I'm betting the price to get the cert from Ecova is outrageous.

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