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Problems with CM 550-ALCY

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Preturlan    0

just bought a new rig... A64 3500+, MSI Neo4/SLI, 160GB WD, eVGA 7800GT... having the same problem as this guy below, and I bought it also fom newegg.... could be a defective lot ???

works for 1 sec and stop... can get it to work only after dozens of tentatives... any ideas ? or it´s defective indeed ?

I´ve already read some threads about this issue, but none of them has the definitive answer or solution.... please help.

politenessman, 10/9/2005 5:53:08 PM


had this for a couple months now, swapped it out for another psu last month, just was using(trying to) it today to set up a microatx system and was reminded what a complete piece of garbage it is. it fails to power up a system consisting of a matx board, 1g ram, 1 80gb hd, floppy, 6600gt, dvdr and 2 120mm fans. just sends a 1 second jolt of power thru system. if you clear bios a few times or plug/unplug 24 pin connector, it might power up. did same thing with my dfi ultra d. also shuts down randomly. nice. trying for an rma to coolermaster, but they will just send me a brand new complete piece of garbage back. ... 6817171006

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