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WaveMaster questions.

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Karma Ghost    0

It will probably start out higher than the 1st simply because it is a new product. Once it is a bit older and the demand goes down it will go down in price.

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Brok3n    0

Cooling in the wavemaster out of the box is subpar at best, if your running an overclocked system. But it's very easy to improve airflow, just need to switch out the 80mm fans with higher cfm fans and install a top fan instead of the usb/firewire/audio panel. I have my wavemaster down to roughly 22-25c ambient temperature. You can easily swap out for a black/silver combo, just gotta keep in touch with Bryant and im sure he'd be more than happy to help you out when he has extra parts around. As far as changing the 80mm in the back, thats really going out of your way for little payoff, just put a better 80mm back there and you'll be fine, that's what I did.

As for the XP-120, my friend also has a wavemaster with that heatsink and the Asus Deluxe P4 board, works like a charm.

And for the cable managment: This has been the easiest case I have ever owned to hide cables in because of the removable motherboard tray, it's easy to hide cables behind it.

I LAN alot as well and have never had a hard time taking my case around, plus from my experience of trying out both the Thermaltake Tsunami and Coolermaster Wavemaster I prefer the wavemaster hands down anyday, it's just constructed better. Plus Iv'e never had problems with Coolermaster tech support as opposed to the three or four instances where Thermaltake has been a little less than cooperative with me.

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