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Praetorion 730 does anyone know were i can get this cheap

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NoobBuilder    0

I love how this case looks really I do so much that I complete left antec's P-180 out of the picture. LOL even the PSU is coolermaster. But i was wondering About the Black 730 does this thing get dirty fast. See im trying to make a choice in either sliver or black. The sliver looks amazing but the black looks so cool to. The only thing is the black one is an extra 13 bucks I dont have. I found the Silver one for a 140 with free shipping but they dont sell the black one. Any way I was wondering if you could tell me Where to find it for a 140 with shipping.

Also please post Pics of the 730 of both Black or Silver.

LOL i know the Main website has it but i just wanted to see it in more detail. :D

Thank you all for your time.

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ninuhadida    0

you might wanna check out also, i like both, silver shows off it's pure alu which means stylish. black one i like it too, since i like black.. but if i had to buy an alu case, i'll go with a silver one.

here's the pics in silver: click

here's the pics in black:


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