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Aquagate fan replacement

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analogue40    0

I've written a step by step guide for replacing the fan in the aquagate at my website, you can find it here -, the stock one had the most annoying hum/whine.

I replaced it with a Mod Edit, as i'm after a quiet system now. Running on an overclocked system -

Athlon 64 3200 Winnie at 2.5Ghz 250x10 (1.5VCore)

2x512MB TwinMos Twister 3700

Sapphire x800XL

and the cooling is fine, hottest i've seen is 61C, and idle/light use anywhere form 40C to 50C, a64 is a core reading so this is perfectly acceptable.

Fan Specs are - Mod Edit

If you want more airflow but a fan that'll fit try a Mod Edit.

(first post too, so hello all :) )

[Mod Edit]Please refrain from posting about non-CM products in the CM Product zone. As well, linking to competitor products is not permitted on these forums. Thank you

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stylish83    0

i've just replaced my fan for a led case fan and that seems to do the trick...for now i think..we shall see in near future...

But i have to admit, having a blue fan ligthting your aquagate does look good...

Is there a led fan than does the same job as the normal aquagate fan by any chance...please let me know???

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Thanks for posting the guide. Might take my Aquagate apart for a laugh as I have no reason to use it anymore - sure I can find something to do with it.

Perhaps go nuts and use it just to cool a 6800 Ultra :D

Although I would have to spray the front black ;d

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Ack, stumped once again by the fact that Coolermaster products are not available with great variety in the UK (even though they are all listed on the Coolermaster website)

Might have to get as far as I can and try and find a way of getting the products I need


- Northbridge Cooler

- Tubing (although I may have enough?)

Also gonna do the HDD, but not the CPU - hehe

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