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Sasha Shelmakov

MF120 Halo not working properly and not in masterplus software

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Hi guys,

Sometime ago I gave my pc a new case with some new fans: the MF120 halo (3-pack). The case has 2 build in ARGB fans as well. I split the 2 front fans to one cable and put in in my CM ARGB controller (the big one). I plugged my 3 MF120 Halo fans in the 3 remaining ports individually. The problem is that masterplus doesn't have the MF120 Halo in it's list of components when selecting the configuration. The closest thing is the MF120R ARGB (which I think my front fans are, that are build in the case). I selected them for my MF120 Halo and it kind of works. All the effects that i can select work very well, but when I want to customize the fans individually, the MF120 Halo fans don't seem to light up fully as it should (right one at the top too, but at the other side). It seems some leds don't get the instruction for a specific color, but the effects work very well. Any help would be appreciated a lot!


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Stefy    0

the problem with this fans is that the leds are not connected correctly.


in the first image is how the inner ring leds and the outer leds are connected (is wrong because the signal enter in the ring and in the outer ring at the same time, instead it should have been inner led then out to the outer leds like in the second picture) and in this case the leds turn on wrong, the first 8 leds, that are the inner ring, are turned on at the same time of the first 8 leds of the outer leds, that is a strip.





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