ML360R amps per fan?

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Have a support ticket into CM, but haven't heard back in five days, so trying the forum.  My motherboard has standard 1 Amp/12 Watt power to the CPU and CPU optional fan headers.  The fans say 0.54 amps on the back of the fans, so appears can only run one per fan header if this is accurate.  Seems like a poor design that they would make a 3 fan cooler that can't be powered by two CPU fan headers with standard 1 Amp/12 water power where can only plug in one fan per header.  I would be fine powering two fans per header, but at 0.54 amps per fan, it puts me over.


But, my research seems to indicate these CM RGB fans actually run at 0.34 Amps for the fan portion, so maybe the 0.54 Amps includes the RGB portion as well?


Just wondering if anyone knows the real amps for the fan portion per fan so that I can potentially power more than one fan per fan header.


Need to return the unit if they designed it to only be power by 2 amp CPU fan headers.  Something on high end boards (Gigabyte Aorus Master, etc.).


I'll give CM through the rest of this week to reply to my support ticket before I return the unit, but I'll keep it as well if someone on this forum knows as well.


Thanks everyone.

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