Mark Johnson

Need help with argb fan SF360R and Asus Aura.

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I purchased the SF360R ARGB fan as it is a single fan, and not three separate fans with three power connectors and three RGB connectors, so it simplifies wiring.  I am glad someone has finally made one.  I have been complaining for well over a decade for this simple solution to many different manufacturers.  I'm very glad CM has built one.


Anyway, I can't just plug in the ARGB connector of the SF360R as it has a blocked RGB pin connector.  The Asus has an extension cable, but it is full 4-pin connector.


Since it said it was compatible, I thought it was plug-n-play.  Apparently not.  Maybe I missed something?


Or do I just need an adapter from CM to Aura?  Where would I find it?


Thanks for any help.





Forgot to mention my motherboard is an:


Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming 

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Missing info

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Nothing?  This seems a straight forward question with an easy solution.  But apparently it is impossible?  


I sure hate to return my product for a more straightforward fan solution.  At least my case has about 4-inches of room behind the motherboard to house multiple fan/rgb wires if I have to.

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