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Upset with COOLER MASTER PORTAL V1.01 software

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this. So if it's wrong please let me know a better place.


So I purchased a CM MK750 keyboard recently and I absolutely love it. It was a larger purchase that I didn't need but definitely wanted.


I explored the Portal software pretty extensively and found a lot of joy out of making unique and colorful profiles. Recently however, after feeling like an expert with the color mapping and effect use, I realized that there is no way to have a custom color map AND give it effects (such as reactive fade, punch, and fireball) and that makes me pretty upset and confused.


I really want to explore my imagination but my creativity is being very limited because you cannot add effects to custom color maps to my knowledge.


More specifically:

You can go in to the software, select any of the color effect presets, and change base colors and effect colors all you want. You can also select multi-layer/multi stage, and combine a few effects. However, this only adds effects to static base colors. Multi-layer also does not have the option to add a custom color layout to it. And finally, if you select custom, you can individually color every single key and more on your keyboard. That all fine and good, but if you do this there is no further option to add an effect such as one I mentioned earlier. This is where the problem lies. Why cant you add color effects to custom color profiles?? This issue of mine feels like it should be easy to implement into the software. While on the subject, why not also add the feature to create your own custom color effects??...But one thing at a time.


I've tried searching this topic online and was returned 0 results. It's unfortunate that it doesn't seem like there are a lot of people using this software but I'm hopeful someone can help me.

Does anyone know of any way to work around my issue? Can anyone relate to not being able to add effects to their custom color profiles?


I really wish CM can see this and do something about it. The software is 100% capable of doing this, there's just no option for it. I feel like my customization is greatly limited by the software and I don't want to start thinking about looking to other products and their softwares because I absolutely love this keyboard.

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