1mm clearance, return it or don't sweat it?

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Hi everyone,


I built a Ryzen 5 3600 for my sister in law and used a SILENTIUMPC REGNUM RG4F case for the build that claims it can handle coolers with a 159mm clearance.   So I was debating on getting the 212 Evo, but ended up with a Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition instead because of availability and shipping.   That was really the only reason between the two as really don't care if RGB or not.


I realized after purchase that although the EVO has a 159 mm clearance and that should be "fine", I didn't realize that the 212 BE was at 160mm.   Noob mistake, I know.


So does anyone have experience with the 212 BE that knows how the tolerances worked in your case, if I should worry or considering the slight indent out on the side panel if that is leeway I may have, or if it's entirely a lost cause?



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On 6/27/2020 at 12:06 AM, Cenevit said:

Yes the 212 Black should fit.


I found pictures and I'm sharing in the below link:


Hope this help.

Marvelous thanks for the image and reassurance.  That's exactly the same case.


What's interesting is the version I found seems to have the copper heatpipes sticking out and pointy, and was wondering if I was going to the same heatpipe design shown in the picture as it's a BE and the RGB component shouldn't change that.  Here's the version that is supposedly coming.ühler-Heatpipes-RR-212L-16PR-R1/dp/B01KBXKP8W?language=en_GB&th=1



So I take it the pic found was not yours or someone you know?  :)


Anyone know this model that has experience?


EDIT:  what looks to be a problem with the translation from german to english on the site maybe is where the confusion came in.  If I translate the german it's listed as a 212 EVO RGB.  Not a BE.   If I use the Amazon provided translation, it says it's an RGB BE.   Great.

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You are super resourceful!


Thank you so much.  


So so after waiting to get it in and ended up getting ethanol instead of isopropyl to clean the old paste, the 212 evo led did fit in with a few mm to spare!


Was so happy!   Appreciate again your words of encouragement!



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