Cooler Master Masterplus (PER. only) V2.0.4 - Install Issue

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CO    0

Hello Support - attempting to install the above mentioned software for first time however I am receiving the below error message.  In my set up I am not utilizing "C" as a drive letter.  Even though I direct the install path to another directory it results in this error.  Is there a workaround?




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Kahana82    0

C:\ProgramData is a folder used by Windows 10 (8?), are you on 7 ?


Also if you're using other drive letters, check where the %ProgramData% environment variable lead to on your system.

An easy way would be opening a command prompt (hold Win+R then type cmd.exe) then entering the command:

cd %ProgramData%

if it takes you to C:\ProgramData then it is still set to the system default value.
You probably need to change that in order to work with other driveletters.

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