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Expected Temps with i9 9900K (not OCed) and ML360R

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Hi Everyone! 


I purchased a  ML360R for my i9 9900K (stock speed, not overclocked). It is top mounted,  and there are 6 additional temperature controlled 120mm intake fans. The case is a spacious lian li case. I would expect lower temperatures than I am seeing and am wondering if my expectations are off or my temperatures are high. Idle temps are 35-45 C.Starting Prime95 temps jump to 70-75 C and then settle at 58-61 C. Any one with a similar configuration that can share what they see would really be helpful.



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Cenevit    5
Posted (edited)

Well, I'm not familiar with the 9900K but I will share my finds.


First just make sure if the pump is powered at 12V.


I would say yes that temperatures seems fine under Prime95.

Mind that the latest releases uses AVX instructions which tipically produces unrealistically high temperatures.

And temperatures may vary according to the silicon lottery.


Look at page 4 to 6 for temperatures under 240 and 360 radiators:


This is another temperature comparison:


According to another owner H150i (360 radiator) stock settings 84 C under Prime95 (source here).




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