Case Headphone jack not working correctly.

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Yooogle    0

On the 19th I purchased the n200 case from Micro Center. I was using the case head phone ports and everything was fine until late today (May 24th) when it started acting wonky.


Basically what is happening is the head phone jack only works on one side when fully plugged in and when it is half plugged in both the headphones speakers work but the audio quality is bad. This is my first time building a PC and I am so frustrated right now because I spent a lot of money on this computer and now after only like a week the headphone jack is already screwed up.


Please ease my pain and say there is a remedy!

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Andrew S    0

I have the same issue with my new TD500 Meshify case. Cooler Master's customer support has not replied to me in over a week. I would prefer to not have to return my case but it seems like my only solution since Cooler Master support is so unresponsive.

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